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The Top Medical and Health Search Engines in the United States

Thanks to developments in technology and the increased availability of medical and diagnostic information online, individuals are now able to find information about a wide range of ailments and illnesses online. All4One has compiled a list of some of the most useful Medical search engines and resources which we hope you will find helpful.

Health and Medical Resources is a US Department of Health and Human Services website specifically designed to help users find health and medical information, providing reliable information and extensive resources.

WebMD provides valuable medical and health information from credible sources. With medical news and reference materials.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides health and safety information, data and statistics, emergency and disaster control services, healthy living advice and much more.

PubMed is online line resource providing biomedical literature, medical books and life science journals. This service is provided by the National Library of Medicine.

MedicineNet provides a database of medical information with a dictionary of medical terms, a symptom checker and a list of procedures and tests.

National Institute of Health is a medical research agency made up of more than twenty Institutes and Medical Centers, part of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

MedHealth is an online health community providing medical information and support.

OmniMedicalSearch is a medical search engine generating results from an extensive database of resources and medical portals.

The Mayo Clinic is a leading non profit medical care provider and research institute, with online services that include health information, symptoms and medical information.

RightHealth is an online medical and health information site providing health news, medical reports and guides.

Healthline offers individuals relevant health information, reference materials and medical concepts. Developed in conjunction with health personnel and physicians. has an extensive searchable database of prescription drugs information for consumers and medical professionals.

MedlinePlus provides a wealth of medical information and is part of the National Institute of Health. With drug and treatment information.

Health on the Net is a not for profit medical information portal with services aimed at patients, individuals and medical professionals.

Medscape provides health care professionals, specialists and doctor's access to a comprehensive database of medical information, professional medical content, expert columns, articles and educational tools.

UK Medical Search Engines

NHS Direct provides an online and phone in service 24 hours a day, offering advice on illnesses, symptoms and health information.

SearchMedica is an online medical search engine aimed at healthcare professionals.

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