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Legal Search Engines

Legal Search Engines enable individuals and legal professionals to access legal information, provide databases of legal documents, case studies and law journals, public records and regulations. A number of legal search engines also provide the option of creating your own legal documents, free legal materials and offer help and legal advice.

Legal Search Resources offers a wealth of legal information and news, allowing legal professional to keep up to date with developments in their specialties. also offers a comprehensive database of legal jobs and provides products and packages to marketers.

LexisNexis offers legal research services specifically for legal professionals, law enforcement professionals, government and corporate, academics and risk management professionals. With a database of billions of legal documents and records.

Westlaw is a leading research portal for lawyers and legal professionals and provides an extensive database of state and federal statutes, public records, legal forms, case law, law journals and legal digests. offers a database of free legal materials and resources, regulations and case law. provides a searchable database and profiles of more than one million law firms and lawyers.

LawCrawler is an online portal aimed at legal professionals and lawyers. Providing free legal resources, internet marketing solutions for law firms and online attorney profiles.

LegalZoom offer users the option of creating their own legal documents online including divorce papers, estate planning, trademarks and business documents.

Nolo provides a range of legal software, books, forms and articles on real estate, debts, retirement, divorce and wills.

FindLaw offers a host of free legal information to users. With a comprehensive library of case studies, legal guides, court forms and a legal dictionary.

Rocket Lawyer offers a range of free downloadable legal documents, legal advice and articles.

United States Courts aims to provide businesses and individuals free information on behalf of the Judicial Branch of the U.S. government.

FreeAdvice aims to provide comprehensive legal information in an easy to use and understand format.

Google Scholar is a free to use online search engine with a database of scholarly literature available with full text.

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