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Tips for Being Listed Well on Search Engine Results

Tip #1: Content Relevancy

The first step of being listed well on search engines is to determine the target audience. Content on an article, blog or website should be appealing and relevant to a potential audience using the search engine.

To remain visible consistently in search engine results, one should tailor copy and update content regularly to remain both relevant and current. The more useful or popular content is to the current users of the web the more likely it is that search engines will continue to rank one's writing high.

Tip #2: Tags and Links

Content of the written piece is also what should be referenced by the appropriate tags assigned to the writing. Tags are one of the parameters search engines check when determining if the writing is relevant to the person's search. In addition to the obvious tags assigned to an article of writing, one can also assign synonyms for additional tags.

Tags and content are used not only for search engines but also to link information to other websites and portals. Search engines may bring up those others items as relevant to a web users' parameters and through that other site's links may drive further traffic towards one's own content. It is good to be both specific and relevant to a subject matter while also remaining diverse enough to be unique and linked to other articles.

Examples of social media which help boost visibility of content for search engine results include Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and many others. Linking one's own content to other sites is a key strategy and should not be ignored.

Tip #3: Keywords

Search engines have become more refined in how content is relevant in current times. Bloating the written content with too many keywords will cause the article or site to be excluded from search engine results as will assigning too many content tags to the piece of writing.

Keywords are used not only in assigning tags or links to an article but also in actually writing the bulk of the content. Ideal strategies for search engine optimization include using natural language and variations of a term/phrase appropriately. The act of putting too many keywords in the copy of article is referred to as keyword stuffing in the search engine industry.

Keyword stuffing is considered a poor writing practice and will drop both the relevancy and the ranking of an article or website when examined by a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo or many others.

Understanding Search Engine Ranking and How It Works

Based on the relevancy of the content and how frequently traffic goes to a site, search engines will assign a ranking to the website. Rankings are not static and will change with the flow of traffic on the Internet.

Higher rankings will place one's website closer to the top of listings seen after results are returned. The goal of anyone desiring traffic to a website is to remain as near as possible to the first entry returned on the first page of web search results. This can also be facilitated by studying the search engines used most by others and customizing content to take advantage of the search engine's algorithms.

Most search engines have applications for analytics which are available to web users for tweaking content and improving websites. This includes assisting writers and others with positioning keywords inside content on web articles so that content is more relevant to search parameters.

Additionally, studying statistics regarding trends which appeal to current users and keeping up with the methods that modern technology and social media provide to today's web users will assist with getting listed well on search engines.

A Summary of Search Engine Listing Tips

To achieve and retain high search engine return results with high ranking and thus visibility make sure of the following items:

  • Content is relevant.
  • Content contains keywords.
  • Content is appropriately tagged.
  • Content is linked to other platforms such as social media and other articles or websites.

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